Dmitry Iv

Iv Dmitry was born in 1974 in Zaporozhe, Ukraine

1995 — Graduated – Kharkiv National Art School
2000 — Opened monument «Soldiers, who died in Afghanistan and other local wars», Berdyansk, Ukraine
2003 — Opened a park sculpture «Kiss», Kharkiv, Ukraine
2003 — Graduated – Kharkiv National Academy of Design and Arts and got Master’s degree
2005 — Opened the following park sculptures: «Memoirs», «Dreams», Belgorod, Russia
2006 — Opened the sculpture «Mercury» in Kharkiv
2007  — Opened park sculpture «shuttles traders» in Belgorod
2008 — Participated in sculpture exhibition «Trienale» in Kiev, Ukraine
2008 — Participated in the festival of sand sculpture, Kharkiv
2009 — Participated in the festival of sand sculpture, Kharkiv
2009 — Created of monument «Italian Soldiers», who fought with fascism in 1943; marble, height 3,5 m, Italy, Сargnacco (close to Venice)
2009 — Participated in the festival «Gogol-fest», Kiev, with the work «the Throne of Truth»
2009 — Created of the sculpture «The Tree of Inspiration» for Patricia Kaas
2009 — Participated in charity auction «Children of the Bremen Town Musicians», Kiev
2010 — Award – special prize from citizens’ initiative in the sculpture competition «Future Image»
in Kiev for the project «WInecup of the Future»
2010 — Personal exhibition «Volume thoughts» in the Fund of Culture in Kiev
2010 — Participated in the «Big Saloon of Sculpture 2010» in Ukrainian House, Kiev
2010 — Opened the fountain «the Cloud» in Kharkiv
2010 — Membership with the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
2011 — Participated in the exhibition at the galle «ArtDonbass», Donetsk
2012 — Opened  sculpture «Camomile» in Kiev
2012 — Participated in the «Big Saloon of Sculpture 2012» in Kiev, Ukraine
2013 — Opened a park sculpture «You Will Have a Baby» in Kiev, Ukraine
2015 — Participated in the «Big Saloon of Sculpture 2012» in Kiev, Ukraine
2015  — Opened a park sculpture «the Ant» in Kiev, Ukraine
2015  — Award second place at the Modern Art Festival Passion for Freedom in London

Participated in municipal and national exhibitions and symposium a lot of times. His works are among the private collections in countries all over the world. Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Italy and also one of the owners is Patricia Kaas.