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Dmitry Iv. Sculptor-designer.

Dmitry Iv



Top 20 Best, Agora Gallery, New York,  2021

Дерево идей. Tree Of Ideas.

Best sculpture
Silver medalist of the Festival of Contemporary Art Passion for Freedom 2015 in London

Dmitry Iv

Sculptor-designer Mr. Dmitry Iv was born in 1974 in Zaporozhe, Ukraine. In the year 2002, I have successfully finished Kharkov Government Academy in Design and Arts with the name of  Master of Sculpture.

Ukraine debuted with two awards at the Festival of Contemporary Art in London.
Sculptor Dmitry Iv took second place. 75 works of art from different countries of the world were presented.


Alain Delon & Dmitry Iv


“Tree of inspiration”
2009 Bronze, gilding.
The sculpture is in the collection of the singer Patricia Kaas.


Monument “Italian soldiers, who fought against fascism, 1943”.
marble, height 3.5 m, Italy, was Sargnacco (near Venice).

15 large-scale projects implemented in different countries.

His sculptures decorate private interiors in France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine.

5 reasons
why to order sculptures from Dmitry Iv

  1. Sculptures by Dmitry constantly grow in price.
  2. Even those works that were purchased before rising in price by 10-25% per year.
  3. All works are made with a passion and perfect quality.
  4. Non standard unique ideas.
  5. Manufacturing orders in time.
  6. Sculptures by Dmitry will be pride of your collection.

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